1. Why?

It's so much fun. An electric Jolle turns every outing into an adventure. After six months, I hardly used my SUV and enjoyed meeting new friends and fellow electric car enthusiasts. Electric motors are clean and efficient.

2. What?

The Jolle is a revival of the classic 1960 Fiat 600 Jolly. We have used composite and electric drive systems to modernist this classic beach car.  Three versions are being offered: two, four and six seaters. Additional range and thrust is available to suit the application from steep island slopes with six adults and luggage to zipping to the helipad and collecting your guests.

The Jolle's are 100% electric and emit zero emissions. The highly efficient AC motor and regenerative braking maximizes your range and reduces your clean energy consumption.

Solar is offered as an option.

3. When?

The more you use your Jolle, the more you will realize you don’t need to drive two tons of metal around. The Jolle is also build from the highest quality materials and components. With the brushless motor, regenerative braking and highest grade materials, maintance will be a minimum.

4. Range

We offer 50, 75 and 100 range options. Driver's habits have the greatest impact in energy usage and therefore range.

5. Thrust

The thrust is the force your feel in the back of your seat. Thrust is maximized by increasing the power to the road and decreasing the car's weight. The Resort Jolle needs constant low speed thrust to climb steel rough roads, while the Speedster needs high speed thrust and traction control to maximize the driver's experience. Your Jolle can be customized to your preferences.

6. Options

Your Jolle is built just for you. Our team will help you select the best options for your application and location.


Seats: 2, 4 or 6.

Thrust level: Work, Cruise or Play.

Range: 50, 75 or 100 miles.

Body: Custom colors, two tone.

Interior: Custom fabric, leather, wicker.

Wheels: 14" steel or 15" Aluminum.

Lights: Extra spot light.

Sounds: Bose speakers or custom.

We can assist with additional options.

7. Ordering

To reserve your customer number, please call (561) 797 7054. We will email the quote and work with you to personalize your Jolle.

Your payment reserves your place in our limited production and pays for us to build your Jolle. Your car is bespoke to your needs and personalization.

8. Island Car Production.

Island Car Company has assembled an experienced team of automotive craftsmen to deliver the highest possible product and experience. Production will be scaled based on the public interest and orders while still retaining the quality customizations.

First customer cars will be shipped August 1st, 2017.

9. Registration

Each state and country has different regulations for the use of Low Speed Electric Vehicles. When you place your order, please state where the car will be registered and we will assist with information for registration. You are responsible for registering your car for your location.

10. Taxes

The customer is responsible for all taxes and shipping costs.

FAQ. Electric Vehicles

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