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Island Car Limited Electric, Speedster.

The Island getaway Car.

Over lunch, Ross and I were sketching. We wanted to go racing in our Island Car, 1960's style. Ideas included a lower driving position, more thrust, roll cage, alloys, wheel flairs, wider rear tires, increased cooling vents.....

The Island ‘Speedster’ is a modified Island Car Limited electric platform featuring two seats, roll cage and race trim. The lowered seating position and cut windscreen electric vehicles ensures you feel the fun and electric feel of the thrust. The locking diff, higher voltage electric motors will leave most other cars standing. The perfect holiday,  getaway car!

Mega yachts need an Island Speedster. Arrive in port and unload your personal Island Speedster. Custom painted and graphics to match your yacht.

Island Car and Speedster make the perfect Resort Cars. Offer your guess a personalized and memorable driving experience.

Island Speedster 'Demo Dates' will be available February 4th, onwards.

Island Car Limited