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Neiman Marcus Island Car featuring Lilly Pulitzer

Island Car is the only way to go, once you've gone.

For the upwardly mobile yachtsman and yachtswoman—or island lovers everywhere—we offer the world's most stylish runabouts. Ours come with a past: They are thoroughly modern updates of the surrey-topped little lookers that zipped around Monaco, Nice and Cannes in the 1950s and '60s. They were carried aboard the yachts of princesses, movie stars, and moguls to use as onshore transport to resorts, restaurants, and adventure. Our His & Hers Island Cars raise the bar. They are highly bespoke versions of the ones built by the Island Car Limited in Florida. (Fittingly, we photographed our jolly pair at Palm Beach’s ever-elegant Breakers.)

Top-notch features include tough composite bodies, stainless-steel fittings, powerful and clean electric motors, long-range batteries, and sound systems with Bose speakers and Bluetooth capabilities. They're not only airy—no doors!—they're light, at less than 1,000 pounds each, perfect for taking along on most yachts, just as the glitterati did back when. But we wouldn't be Neiman Marcus without insisting on even more: His Island Car comes in crisp, custom green. Hers is pretty in pink. Both come bedecked in exclusive Lilly Pulitzer fabrics, not only for the seats and removable fabric tops, but for totes, towels, his swim trunks, and her caftan, too. Admiring looks are all but guaranteed as the cheery pair whizzes by, whether across Capri or to the corner store. These, you see, have the power to turn any jaunt into a glorious getaway.

Each Island Car includes a built in charger, lithium power pack, high torque electric motor, regenerative braking, silent running, disc brakes, corrosion resistant body and Zero emissions, 100% electric. Auto manufacturers.